About Us

Stitchman group is an established OEM cotton bag manufacturing company for last two decades. A satisfied customer is our most important goal.

Since Gujarat is one of the biggest cotton-growing state in Indiaand is hometo established textile processing industries, its location gives an edgeto supply quality product. Stitchman Inc. started its business of bags for promotion industry but has evolved with time for environment friendly bags for fashionand utility industry.

Why Canvas….
We love canvas because of its sturdinessand flexibility of playing around with printingand dying the fabric. We can make bags from 4 oz. cottonto 24 oz. heavy canvas. They can be in different forms like natural, dying, printing with additional treatment of water repellent. We can also monogram it or print your company logo or event information. Rotary print on both sides is the new favorite of all times. So the In-side print can work as lining design.
The result of such flexibility makes us who we are.

We are devotedto provide high quality product with style that suits you. Quality always speaks of our work.
In promotion industry we are making bags for many fortune 500 companiesand in fashion industry we are working for leading international brands.

Our major export isto USA, Europeand Japan.
We loveto work with designers.
We are compliance factory run by government laws.
We are an eco friendly companyand our products are made out of 100% Cotton Canvas.

Core Products

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    Tub / Hamper
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    Boat Tote / Rope Tote / Christmastote / Nautical line / Jute Tote
  • Travel
    Travel Kit / Make up Kit / Advantage / Field Bag
  • Utility Bags
    Gardentote / Tool bag / Pet bag / gym bag / Sports bag
  • Luggage
    Round Duffle / Carry-on Duffle

Our Team

Vijay Shah

Who founded Stitchman Group of Companiesand primary in industrial sewing machine business since 1980. He has extensive experience of sewing technology. Hence the product that comes out of the manufacturing becomes of quality not only by individual efforts but also by using the rightand advanced technology.

Nissin Shah

A young enthusiastic entrepreneur with a visionto set foot in the environment friendly world began Stitchman Inc. in 2012 with Mr. Vijay Shah as a backbone. It had all began with the promotion bags in 1980’s but with his vision he spearheaded this company into finer heavy weight canvas bags. He has earned his bachelor’s Degree from Zicklin School Of Business, New York, with Major in Financeand Investmentand Minor in International Marketingand Business Communication. His love for eco-friendly productsand passionto introduce canvas products has given a riseto contemporary designs.

Apart from this he also begin wholesale distribution company in the USA in 2010; which recently he sold.