Laundry bag Wholesale – Avant – grade

In today’s fast life, people don’t have time for daily laundry. Laundry bag will help people to prevent their room from becoming messy. But Plastic laundry bag spoils some of delicate clothes? Now, worry no more about it. Let’s jump on the b andwagon and eco-friendly cot ton laundry bag. We offered comprise quality finished laundry bag. This bag have jute rope that will fit the mouth of the bag and sturdy fabric strip to hold it easily with lots of laundry. This bag has large space for laundry stuff. It comes in all time in trend, peaceful white and stunning black colour. These bags available in cus tom size, design and colour. Easily you can use cot ton laundry bag during traveling time also to s tore laundry stuff. Cot ton laundry bag surely deliver the goods.


  • These bags are prepared with great care using latest technology

  • These bags have voluminous s torage space that make it suitable to carry all item conveniently

Our Laundry bags coming in light weight finish which makes these easy to carried anywhere